Monday, February 22, 2010

Life's back to NURSING.....

3 years of not practicing after graduation, now I am back to Nursing. I just had my first day of CARDIO-PULMONARY class since the 5-week training is divided into 2weeks lecture and 3weeks duty. I am really not that into Cardio though, but must do this for myself. Sadly, this subject was really hard, but I am happy now that I have kearned to read the ECG! Not that easy... It gave me a headache. Lecturers were doctors who were really fast in discussing, guess I have to read ahead!
But hey, I will still continue with SOULE PHENOMENON... FASHION IS MY PASSION =D

I am with my friend, Ladylyn, so it's great having someone you know around..
Goodluck to us both!

Hello CARDIO!ack! headache..

Gotta have my notes...

We are the first batch of trainees for CARDIO-PULMO NURSE....

Lovebirds, Ginno and Lady as we are out for lunch

My outfit for class....

vintage top, estrellas manila harem pants,, cosmpolitan studded bib, promod accessories, studded sandals =)


  1. These are lovely photos, and your necklace is so fierce!

  2. omg absolutely loveeee that necklace !! i wonder where i can get one. so fierce !

    xx lue

  3. hey babe! got them from COSMOPOLITAN by ANNE ONG...

    you can check her store out at the ramp gorietta =)

  4. Hey Love! Finally, a blog from you! ;)

  5. i know!! haha.. must love blogging from now on =)

  6. totally fab outfit for class! and the necklace is just gorgeous! ;)

    oh gawd. i suck at reading ECG tracings :s

    added you to my blogroll ;)



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