Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Since I can't afford designer pairs, I decided, wy not create knock offs instead? It'll be cheaper by then!
These are just prototypes and made for sampling purposes only! The finished product will be made of GENUINE LEATHER, but for now, forgive us of using gold buckles and unmatched details for we used whatever material is readily available so for us to make a sample.
We just wanted you guys to have a peek on what's in store for MAY!!!
We are now accepting reservations for us to estimate how many pairs we shall be making per design...
email me your inquiries at
soule phenomenon =)


  1. love ALL of these shoes. are you going to be making some for boys too? xoxo

  2. i was thinking of a knock-off of the 2.5 inch heeled YSL boots in black. love those, just can't afford the $900 price tag :( or even some glam 60's rock star looking boots. in silver! or even better... black python with a 2.5 inch heel. what do you think???

  3. that would be sooo cool!!! can u send me photos??? =)


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