Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Roof Deck

My first time to go up to our condo's roof deck (hihih =D) and I have to say that this place is calming. Karl and Paul went to pick me up for an event and we didn't miss the chance of taking photos. Now that I got my camera back, I will have the chance to update my blog. =)

I would also like to thank everyone for giving me amazing comments! You guys really make my day.

As for the biz, Soule Phenomenon, I am thankful for the never-ending blessings that come on our way. We are doing really good, and that is because of you our dear clients. Seeing you wear our pairs feels like heaven! The Plush Collection is almost Sold Out, and we are giving you more on our Second Batch. I hope you guys will watch out for it!!!

Only the Marvelous in Black and Brown

So This is what I wore:

Only the Marvelous in Antique Black=)
Necklace by Kel Sampayan
Black Shorts
Vintage Laced Top and Blazer


  1. Wow both of you look amazing, I love your shoes dear!

  2. absolutely love your blog, just saw this awesome outfit on chictopia and had to come over and check out your blog :) lovely surprise!!! your style is fabulous. definitely your new follower!

  3. How do I get a pair of these from you? do you have an online store??


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